5 comments on “I Can’t Take It Anymore!

  1. I guess..its time we find some substitutes and stick with that. Leave Oil alone for sometime and let it recover.
    Then again whatever I say, will never occur.
    I wish we could run things with water 😦 but then again..there would be problems too 😛
    anyways i didnt get this -‘US to consider nuking this mess’–u mean ‘nuke’ the place ??

  2. Nuking it will further crack the sea floor which already has over a dozen cracks. Relief wells are supposed to slow it down.

    This is classic media hysterics. They want you to associate big problems with big tools.

    Never thought I’d say this but God help us if Kevin Costner doesn’t come through.

  3. I am no expert at what you have written on the oil gusher, but I’ve been watching, all the news..etc.. For example if a tsunami or a powerful tornado were to happen and the oils are pushed inland, and for some reason, a lighting strikes, this could be the oil that sets aflame America. This is no accident However, let us watch how things progress before we can make any conclusions, but my heart is fearful for America and not only for her…
    but if I was in America, I would run for my life, though nowhere is very safe. -smiles

    Have a most blessed day!


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