3 comments on “King Solomon / Words of Wisdom

  1. hi Angie,
    I was drawn to your article .because for some reason it was linked to my usual “Google myself search” (so I can know what is going on). I would just like to say that you have placed two disparate events (your daughter’s communication issues and the historical account of the life of Solomon) both in my Life Cycles -Year of Revolution.
    May simply be a strange co-incidence, but all I can say is I consistently find the operation of that which could be called fate or destiny happening in those years.
    Much of a revolutionary nature could be occurring in your daughter’s life, but as often happens, a parent is the last to know, when they should be the first.

    • Hello Neil, I’m glad your Google is linked to me.
      I don’t believe in co-incidence they just happened by fate and there is no mistake in what you have said. There is a revolutionary nature occurring at this time and it’s not only with me and my daughter I see it happening all around me. It’s important to point out that spirit and nature is not the same and why its always at war.
      Though not all are witness to it.
      Thank you for the comment 😉
      I am still promoting your fascinating book and the blogtalkradio interview.

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