13 comments on “Bloggers Unite Together In Writing To Make A Difference!

  1. Hi Angie,

    Nice blog you have, and the idea for bloggers to help hunger relief? That was fantastic, I was there’ll be more the similar kinds of ideas pop-up in the future.

    I believe we, the bloggers also have tremendous social responsibility towards the less fortunate sisters and brothers in our earth village, don’t you agree?

    Looking forward to hear from your again.

    God Bless and Best Regards,

  2. I supported Bloggers Unite and posted for this years cause. This is a great blog with purpose. Drop something new & keep it going. You have a great format to work with.

  3. we are a woman who changes the world..i like ur social view.. i m teacher of sociology in high school..im trying to open my students eyes

  4. You are a wonderful person, indeed Angie! May Be Your all Life Blessed with Love and happiness!

    I’m really sorry for this children…There is so many organizations were established to help them.. hope everything has been offered so far to this kids – only to get to these children. God Bless all the people who help them..each one how he can..

    Wishing you the Best!

    ♪. ♫♥♪.♫♥♪. ♫♥♪.♫

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