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  1. A lot of people nowdays commit suicide because of stress imposed by the modern day living customs. This may be stress from over-working, shortage of money, fear of the global warming? or in the extreme – mass starvation, etc. If we want to reduce the number of suicides around the world we have to seriously change our way of life.

      • Angie, So many feel that the numbers on a global scale are overwhelming and feel that there is no way that they can influence the world by creating change in their own life. I have come to believe that it is a natural cause and effect of the world that self awareness and improvement of our own selves will ultimately affect others.

        My own improvements naturally progressed me forward to guide others, who will branch out and continually allow others to become more aware they do have control over their own life’s decisions and perceptions thereof. This allows them to overcome challenges positively and grow from those experiences. So, yes, one person can make a difference in their own life that can effect others positively and around the world.

  2. Big issue, it something like 18 veterans a day that commit suicide! The way we send people into the extreme environment of War and then just drop them back into their old life is outrageous! The BIG difference I see in “developing” nations and the developed is TIME. The West has NO time, not for family, not for friends, not to meet strangers, not to socialize in the street, and especially not for Oneself. In my mind the vital aspect of Culture is Time, work has taken over our lives in the west and stolen any chance at building community and living a cultured life. Something like 200,000 rural Indian Farmers have committed suicide since what they called “the green revolution” started. I think it was in the 80’s or 90’s? Their soil was depleted by the use of synthetic chemicals, which requires money, unlike the traditional organic method of saving seeds and using compost and mulch. With their soil and pocket books devastated feeling helpless and useless they give up. Vandana Shiva talks in depth about this issue in India. The main point of this issue is, we need to have the light of day shown on it, if it remains in the dark their is no solving it.

  3. Hi Angie,
    I did 2 blog posts for World Suicide Prevention Day, one on wordpress one on blogger. I participated last year in bloggersunite for WSPD and wanted to again this year and was just checking out the many posts others have shared when I came across yours.

    I’m a passionate advocate for suicide prevention since losing my husband to suicide Dec. 2000. I am highly active on FB with posts relating to suicide, prevention and mental illness, just created a fanpage on FB to host my many posts instead of on my own personal wall and organized and held an online call yesterday Sept. 10th to raise awareness around suicide and prevention. It is my passion/purpose and I feel so strongly about getting the word out about suicide to educate others about a topic with much stigma so they may learn what to look for and potentially help others.

    I read your post and what caught my attention the most was the photo of the hanging noose and the tagline below it “Suicide is always an option”. I found it to be the complete opposite of what all those in suicide prevention are working so diligently for, that being – Suicide is NOT an option. I don’t know if you’re aware of “triggers” (even that word can be highly upsetting to someone who has lost a loved one to suicide by firearm), but I thought I should at least speak up and let you know. The noose is higly triggering for some, again if they’ve lost someone by hanging – but mostly the tagline is giving off the wrong message. I feel it’s important to take every opportunity to make others aware of what can be upsetting, painful, insenstive so this is why I’m posting to you today.

    I think your article is good and brings much to be thought about, just hope you might reconsider using that specific photo and tagline?

    I’ve done a blogger post about the language/images, etc. used around suicide and mental illness “The Way We Say the Things We Do” about just this very issue.

    I couldn’t figure out a way to contact you privately, but felt strongly I needed to mention this. Normally I try the private route, but I’m unfamiliar with this site and how to navigate, so posted here.

    Take care, Barb

    • NO…..I am grateful you have spoken out.
      THank you Barb as the last thing I wish to do is to offend anyone or give the wrong impression. I’m going to fix it right now.

      Thanks again. 🙂

  4. Wow Angie!

    That was fast and I’m so glad you’re not offended by my letting you know. I could tell from the content of your post that it wasn’t your intention at all, the whole reason we all do these posts and participate in this Event is to raise awareness and prevent suicide. Thanks to you also!

  5. Angie:
    I was glad to come across your blog. It is well written and I appreciate the substance that you have put in the blog. I am new to the blogging world and have found yours to be one worth putting in my Favorites. I also checked out the BloggerUnite site and am planning on posting on October 4th to support the World Animal Day.
    Thank you!

  6. and all kind of stress is due to deep sense of loneliness,which gets inside one’s soul when he or she live unnatural life with great lack of human relationships,and above everything without having strong faith in one who has created us ,blessed with everything and is so close waiting for our one call for help from him to realizing the facts,

  7. simha, well said! I think too many people don’t understand suicide. I’ve heard people say that it is a selfish act and that only weak people kill themselves. I disagree.

    There are so many contributing factors to suicide, e.g. history of suicide in the family, acting out while on mind-altering substances, even brain disorders, especially depression. (It’s not “all in your head”! It’s what is missing from your brain function.)

    I think we need to be careful about judging others who want to stop living. Not to say that I advocate suicide across the board! I might consider in some cases where a person is dying with not hope of recovery, and in great, unimaginable pain, it might be justified. I’m not sure.

    Suicide is a very complex phenomenon. Different factors affect different people. My guess is that spiritually, psychologically, and physically our world is disintegrating, leaving so many without hope. When a person is that deep into hopelessness, it can be extremely difficult to change their mindset.

    Yes, love and compassion are so essential; however, skills for understanding and persuading the suicidal are also crucial.

    I really like that you tackled this subject and posted helpful information. From my educational experience, I learned that the people who commit the most suicides are teen boys and old men. Interesting, no?

    I support suicide prevention and thank you for informing me about the BloggerUnite site. That is very cool.

    • I’ll be the 1st to say I don’t understand it. I can’t imagine anyone being in that kind of pain enough to want to take their own life, unless of course they were faced with some horrible illness to where they were suffering both mentally and physically. And yes, I would say a huge amount of love and compassion is needed for both the one in need and their loved ones.
      Thank you for your comment.

  8. This is a very touching post. So many people suffer from depression, and even though I cant understand how a person can take his or her own life, so many people feel as though there is no way out.

    But the thing that really hurts me is the number of children that are taking their own lives. This has become an issue that really needs to be addressed and talked about more among households schools and etc. We have to start speaking up and talking to our youth to help them realize they have so much life to live, and no matter what obstacles you face taking your life isn’t the way to go.

  9. Hi…

    Nice post i have read your article regarding number of suicide person’s no doubt people’s should take stress in every little matter but this is not true as per human nature they have the power to solve that problems but they don’t and finally the results is suicide. i said to all that please be patient and solve your problem rather than suicide.
    Thanks for sharing.

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